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Places: realized video-sound installations

Audio visual projects iu urban space

Area Composings have been performed at the folllowing locations. Each media installation was specially composed for the performance space, tailored to fit the projection surface with video mapping and not shown in this form at any other venue. We show a selection of our audiovisual interventions.

Standbild aus Kari K'ami

KARI-K'AMI - Road movie in inconceivable slowness


In the airstream of a camera trip from Georgia to Armenia
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Detail des Area Composing TARKOW

TARKOW - Surreal cinema

TARKOW featuring D,R,ON

Macroscopic camera journey through Vazo's studio with sound of the sound sculpture D,R,ON
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Lichtkunst-Installation Silence in der Augustinerkirche Erfurt

SILENCE - Sound and light art in the church

SILENCE - The Other Advent

A sonic image from the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt
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Premiere of the media installation AXIS 1.0 in Dortmund

AXIS 1.0 - Intervention in urban space

AXIS 1.0

Media installation as starting point of the urban development project Art and Culture Mile Dortmund
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PHARUS lettering projected onto the Mariendom Neviges at night

PHARUS - Video-sound installation with light art


A symphony of sounds, images and light in the Mariendom in Neviges
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LLISBON IN BASEL - Urban screen projection + architectural mapping


An industrial zone becomes a street art area
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Blick in den von der Installation FLUX beleuchteten Kundenbereich der Sparkasse Münden bei Nacht

FLUX - Art in architecture


Media installation as part of the corporate interior of Sparkasse Münden
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MKK DIGITAL UNLOCKED - Museum as digital art


The museum remains open
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Visualization of AC performance in the park on the Ilm in Weimar

Tempelherrenhaus - Digital environment


Preview at Genius Loci Weimar
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