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Museum as digital art

MKK DIGITAL UNLOCKED – The museum remains open



Winter 2020/21: Corona-Lockdown. The museums are closed.

Flashback summer 2019: A spectacular installation is taking place in front of the Museum of Art and Cultural History (MKK) Dortmund. The museum’s exhibits can be seen and heard on the CHIP sculpture. A projection makes it possible: The Area Composing AXIS 1.0.

Summary of the 2019 installation: AXIS 1.0 is the ideal medium to get people enthusiastic about the museum and make urban history come alive.

MKK DIGITAL UNLOCKED: AXIS 1.0 can now be experienced digitally via QR code, regardless of opening hours and lockdown. In addition, further details on the shown exhibits can be called up.

Analogue link: The QR code is placed in public spaces around the museum to draw attention to the ongoing activities of the cultural institution (CHIP, shop window or façade of the MKK).

Culture in lockdown needs innovative concepts to keep in touch with previous and new visitors. The museum remains open!



AXIS 1.0 is a video-sound composition of images and sound recordings from the MKK Dortmund and its surroundings. A special composition technique weaves images and sounds into an expressive sound image. The video accessed via the QR code shows the projection of AXIS 1.0 onto the sculpture CHIP. Additional information on the exhibits is embedded. While the artwork AXIS 1.0 provides a playful-emotional access to the museum, the exhibits become physically tangible through the digital add-ons.

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