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BTHVN 2020

Video-sound installation for the Beethoven Festival 2020

Peripheral Poles

The Area Composing was designed for the Beethoven Festival 2020 in Bonn. Performance venues are the river piers of the Friedrich-Ebert Bridge (North Bridge) and the Konrad-Adenauer Bridge (South Bridge). Both venues are located in the outskirts of the city in very different urban districts, aside from the well-known venues of the Beethoven Festival. To the north a residential area with a swimming pool and neighboring industrial buildings, to the south the Rheinauenpark with the Japanese Garden. Thus the festival comes to those who (presumably) have less contact with the classical cultural scene – in places where people live, work or spend their leisure time.

The sound composition uses the resonating body of the bridge construction and expands its acoustic phenomena into motivic themes. During the performance, the composition combines with the „sound space under the bridge“ and the natural surrounding sounds to form the final soundtrack of the image composition. The flowing images of the Area Composing appear as if of their own on the river piers of the bridges, as if they were naturally created there. The image projections, precisely mapped onto the forms, extend (360 degrees) around the pylons and radiate in all directions, are reflected in the river and shine out to the other bank.

The Area Composing creates new perceptions of Beethoven, of the city of Bonn and its peripheral zones. On the banks of the river Rhine under the rushing arterial roads of the bridges, places for pausing are created.