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We’re open

Visit us at our studio at Reuschenberger Mühle in Leverkusen. Precisely mapped onto the 12.50 meter wide and 3.50 meter high studio wall, Area Composing can be experienced directly and live.


Area Composer

Dorothee Pilavas – Art Projecter, Dortmund   +49-1522-8619131
Ronald Gaube – Composer / Sound, Düsseldorf  +49-170-7528204
Peter Hölscher – Composer / Image, Leverkusen  +49-175-2418227

Studio: Reuschenberger Mühle, Alte Garten 61, 51371 Leverkusen, Germany

Postal Address: Mankhauser Str. 1, 42699 Solingen, Germany