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Area Composer: Media artists

Ronald Gaube – Dorothee Pilavas – Peter Hölscher


We are on our way, discovering, transforming, staging.

Voyage of discovery

When we set off with microphone, camera and notepad, we don’t know what to expect. The encounter with the place and its people thwarts our plans, shows possibilities, opens directions. Many times we go to the same place, experience it day and night, rain and shine, lively and lonely. Each time we take something different with us. We meet different people, experience stories, learn. At the end of our voyage of discovery we have collected a rich treasure of encounters, insights, sound and image recordings. All this flows into the composition. 


We view thousands of photographs and many hours of audio recordings – selecting, editing, working on details, discussing, experimenting. Images and sounds mix with our experiences, they change and intensify themselves, making hidden dimensions visible and audible. We always keep the moment and the place of the performance in mind as well as our audience. Each production requires its own image-sound composition, adapted to the size and shape of the projection surface, to the acoustics as well as to the location or movement patterns of the audience.


Area Composing can take place anywhere: In urban spaces, in nature, on squares, under bridges, in train stations, on facades, in churches, museums, theaters, foyers, waiting rooms, shop windows, in parks, on the water – we can imagine almost everything and are open to new ideas. It is most beautiful when the picture-sound composition returns to where the journey of discovery has begun and connects with this place, changes it. That is where Area Composing meets its audience. This encounter is the most exciting moment for us, because it is completely individual, unique and unpredictable.

Project Handling

From the initial idea to the successful performance of an Area Composing there is a lot to plan, coordinate and organize: Content and performance concepts, cost calculations and time schedules, clarifying responsibilities, coordinating actors, procuring technology, monitoring technical installations, designing advertisment and press material, websites and social media, organizing meetings and press conferences, and producing professional documentation. We advise and support in all phases of the project and also take over the complete project management.